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Lucky Tiger Men’s Grooming Products

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Lucky Tiger Products

For 75 years Lucky Tiger men's grooming products have stood the test of time, helping men be the kind of men they aspire to be.

Beginning with our original Barbershop Classics and now with our organic Premium line, Lucky Tiger offers every man the products he needs to look his best at a moment's notice. Our collection of men’s grooming products gracefully defines the man who takes pride in his appearance, appreciates the classics and likes to be confident, prepared and primed for any adventure that awaits.

Lucky Tiger has been helping men get lucky since 1935. Isn't it time you got lucky?

The Lucky Tiger Premium Men’s Grooming Line

Made from the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients, as well as nourishing antioxidants and vitamins, the men’s grooming products in the Lucky Tiger Premium line include the essentials: face wash, face scrub, shave cream, after-shave, moisturizer; and for your body: shampoo & body wash, deodorant & body spray, and acne soap that keep you looking and feeling masculine and fresh.

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The Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classic Men’s Grooming Line

Ointments, pomades, shave creams, cleansing creams, after shaves, hair tonic, hair and mustache wax and our heavy duty hand cream encompass the Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics men's grooming line. Featured in Best In Category

From the original Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics to our brand new, reformulated and re-packaged Premium collection, browse our men's grooming product lines now.  Lucky Tiger got your grandfather lucky, it got your father lucky, and it will get you lucky, too. 

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Lucky Tiger Products